Judith Adams - Playwright & Dramatist

"Judith Adams' script is dense as thick, black treacle but has the lightest of touches, melding myth and poetry with the everyday..." Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

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Whitestone Arts Research Centre

Creative Workshop Space, West Yorkshire

Adapted 17th Century Pennine longhouse

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+44 (0)1535 644644


Projects supported in kind, with personnel, space and accommodation include


The Devil in the Box

In collaboration with post-graduate performers Eiilon Morris, Stacey Johnstone and Hannah Dalby: development of the themes of Lady Purple and Text under the Golem's Tongue. For more information, see home page.


Al Gran Sole Carico d'Amore, Saltzburg Festival, 2009: Fifty Nine Productions with Katie Mitchell

Burdalane + Text Under the Golem's Tongue: ongoing research, Judith Adams

The Shattering Man, Duende Ensemble + University of Huddersfield, 2010

Lady Purple Workshops, co-funded and hosted by ACE (Yorkshire) and University of Huddersfield

The Collecting Place, Simon Warner, Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth, 2007: camera obscura for the visually impaired, funded ACE

Clickwind, with Slung Low, Bradford University Atrium / streets of Bradford, 2007

Lavater, The Shadow of History, Simon Warner as part of ACE touring exhibition Alchemy: Harewood House, Purdy HIcks, Abbots Hall, Djangoly Gallery. 2006/7

Sweet Fanny Adams in Hyperspace Eden - SAC/ACE funded film with Fifty NIne Production, 2006/7