Judith Adams

“Adams’ words are superb… beautiful and moving.”

— Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

Live & Theatre

嵐の家 Arashi No Ie / Stormy House

2018 – 2020
At its heart, it celebrates the power of childhood imagination to conjure both redemptive art forms and new and better worlds from the implosion of the old.

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Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden

A three-year project, commissioned by Stellar Quines Theatre Company and funded by the Scottish Arts Council for performance in Pitlochry Plant Collectors’ Memorial Garden (2003).

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South Riding

2019 – 2021
Holtby’s landscape is both the homeland of her childhood and imaginary: a fictional Riding of Yorkshire continuously haunted by ghosts of the dead and disenfranchised.

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Affiliated Playwright – University of Huddersfield

Affiliated to teach on MA courses Writing for Performance and Ensemble Physical Theatre, Training and Performance within the Department of Theatre, Drama and Performance.

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The Girls of Slender Means

August 2009
An adaptation of Muriel Spark’s sly and tender novel about a group of young women living on little more than hope and euphoria.

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The Loves of Lady Purple

January & May 2008
A team of playwright + video/film designers, dancers, puppeteers, performers and musicians explored the physical and linguistic/aural text of a dramatisation of Angela Carter’s The Loves of Lady Purple.

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Dance Workshops / Cortes Island / Canada

July 2008
Margie Gillis’ Dancing from the Inside Out + Tedd Robinson’s Functional Movement.

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Stones Workshop: France

April 8th – 17th 2009
Ten days of immersive psycho-physical training explored within the context of a developing Ensemble.

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Margie Gillis / UBC Workshop (Vancouver)

March 2008
A workshop with solo dancer and choreographer Margie Gills and Professor Michelle LeBaron to explore, through dance and language, the negative and positive character of conflict – its nature and its possible uses.

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Shakespeare’s Daughters

December 2007
Displacement Into Destiny – Maybe art will pay in the long run, although it’s unlikely.

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Queuing for Everest

April 2000
Published by Oberon Modern Plays, Directed by Deborah Paige

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The Bone Room

June 1998
Directed by Mark Stuart Currie and Janet Gordon

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