Judith Adams

“Judith Adams doesn’t just write well-made plays, but pieces in which form and subject are perfectly matched”

— Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Radio : Original

I Believe I have Genius

17th April 2008
A fictional version of Charlotte Bronte’s Brussels experience. A BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play, produced by Jonquil Panting.

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Me And I

Half hour comedy drama about age and dream identities.

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From the Waist Up

Three women get friendly with mythical beasts, in this moving comedy piece about the freedom to fly.

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Burdalane Broadcast

Radio broadcast of Burdalane, produced by Michael Fox

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A version of The Little Mermaid, written for Adults, set in the Hebrides of the early Christian church.

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A Very Profitable Island

A history of the decline and fall of the community of St. Kilda

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Meetings with Remarkable Cats

10 fifteen minute episodes in the lives of two extraordinary Pennine cats, Richardson and Spicer.

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