Judith Adams - Playwright & Dramatist

"A delicious, sensory overload of future gothic." (Ghost) Neil Cooper

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Whitestone Arts Research Centre

Creative Workshop Space, West Yorkshire

Adapted 17th Century Pennine longhouse

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+44 (0)1535 644644


The Guardian: "This is not the kind of theatre you see often in the regions. It's not playing anything safe, and you can't go up the mountain without taking risks. [...] [it captures] the beauty and brutality of the mountains and those who climb them, and the hallucinatory madness of risking all and heading into thin air." Lyn Gardner

Yorkshire Post: "This is a snow covered mountainside along which both cast and audience unite in undertaking a journey of discovery [...] the effect is dazzling. Queueing for Everest is an abstract work that does not lend itself to instant or easy interpretation [...] The white box is a red hot cauldron of ideas." Lynda Murdin