Judith Adams - Playwright & Dramatist

"Adams' words are superb... beautiful and moving." Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

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Whitestone Arts Research Centre

Creative Workshop Space, West Yorkshire

Adapted 17th Century Pennine longhouse

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New Media - Site Specific - Headphone Shows



With Fifty Nine Productions

Initial concept and outline narrative scenario for projections on Historic Royal Palaces' iconic Tower of London - a UNESCO world heritage site.

Using the multi-layered architecture of the curtain walls and Beauchamp Tower, 59 Productions will create the largest projection canvas London has seen, with the live band Public Service Broadcasting driving the visual and musical narrative.




2015 / 2016


Project with Vision Mechanics, Edinburgh

Scotland / Norway

performed on Scottish beaches 2015 +

21-26 September 2016, Findhorn Bay Festival, Moray


Norway Coast Summer 2016:

25-28 May, Stamsund Theatre Festival

21-25 June, Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad

28 June - 3 July, Fossekleiva Kultursenter, Berger

Concert Version performed at Tron Theatre,Glasgow,20th January 2016, Celtic Connections.

My job: conceiving and composing a structure, concept and language for the project, and then writing a libretto for single voice. The story, songs and recitative were inspired by the "true tale" of Betty Mouat, a crofter from Shetland, who spent eight days drifting alone in the North Sea in 1886, and devised by the company during a winter residency on the Shetland Islands,2015.


****Scotsman: Joyce McMillan, July 4th, 2015

The music is an exquisite Shetland song-cycle, with music by Eddie Maguire, words by playwright Judith Adams, and vocals by Gerda Stevenson, in wonderful voice; the installations range from tiny, well-documented 19th century interiors to dream-like sculptures. And the whole show offers a rare opportunity to merge into the landscape for a while; to live inside Betty's story, and to think of the sea, of all it has meant to us, and of how it, too, now needs our protection, and our care.

*****Edinburgh Guide: June 15th, 2015

"......this absorbing and interactive piece of theatre is graced with the pool clear voice of Gerda Stevenson narrating in braw Shetlandic. Eddie McGuire's evocative and atmospheric music and Judith Adams' heart plucking libretto with lines like, 'Greet na fir yir faider bairnie, suin aa will be fetching hame' both round and complete this unique and affecting experience. This is a beautiful and moving salt breeze creation .....a beach trip like no other."(for more, click below)


Symon Macintyre (directed/producer), Judith Adams (librettist/writer) Eddie McGuire (composer) Gerda Stevenson (vocalist) Nik Paget-Tomlinson and Niroshini Thambar (soundscape artists), Kim Bergsagel, Iain Halket, Tony Reason, Alice Wilson and Adrian Barber (design),Stephen Moir (assistant designer),Ingrid Scholes (costumier), Charles Macintyre (construction)

Running time:




2013 - 2020

for 59 Productions

A multi-media re-working of the Hampton Court Palace visitor introduction to the King's Baroque Apartments in the reign of William lll and Mary ll.

A thrilling and quirky re-visioning of a period and style little known but richly rewarding, using a fine scale model of the Apartments and a deal of flair.



April 3rd 2015

for 59 Productions

and Historic Royal Palaces, Hampton Court Palace


Fifty Nine Productions


Feb 2014 -

for Fifty Nine Productions

and The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

A visitor introduction to Shakespeare's life, imagination and texts in performance: concept and voice over


Available to tour (small venues)

A 35 minute traveling Whitestone Arts multi media performative collaboration with Simon Warner and Stacey Johnstone (voice, Alex Mathie) exploring walking and inspiration.

The first performance for Year 3 artist of the Pennine Prospects Watershed Landscape Project for the Unbounded Moor was for a Symposium on the subject of Landscape and Literature, held in Haworth on 6 October 2012 as part of the Ilkley Literature Festival.

Later performed at two separate venues in Hebden Bridge

to discuss bookings contact Whitestone Arts /Stacey Johnstone


April 2008

Guardian Blog, Lyn Gardner

(see Lady Purple project above)

"with the technology at their fingertips, answers and images can be conjured by theatre makers immediately during the rehearsal or devising process, sound can be fed directly into the ears of the audiences in pieces such as Small Metal Objects or Judith Adams' Ghost or Clickwind.

"...But we've come a very long way from the first faltering steps taken by ambitious young companies such as Fecund 15 or so years ago, to the point when earlier this year Leo Warner and Mark Grimmer of Fifty Nine Productions - who have contributed brilliant work to Katie Mitchell's Waves and Attempts on her Life and the projection design for Warhorse - were made the National Theatre's youngest ever associates. In July some of the multimedia techniques explored in Waves will be further developed by Fifty Nine for Mitchell's latest piece ...some trace of her, inspired by Dostoevsky's The Idiot.

"From what I've seen of it so far, Fifty-Nine's contributions to the productions on which they collaborate, whether it is in Black Watch or the adaptation of the cartoon Alex, are integral to the production and always in service of it. But I keep seeing productions in which it appears as if playing with the technologies is the prime interest of the theatre-makers, rather than the show itself."


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June 2007

Created by the Company, with text by Judith Adams

dr. Alan Lane

venue: Atrium, University of Bradford

Company: Ben Eaton, Jason Hird, Richard Warburton, Henrik Ekeus (sound), Emma Bowskill, Louise Gibson, Hester Read, Ellen Chivers, Sameena Hussain, Ruth Hoffman, Josephine Philbin, Vicky Pratt, Dominic Gately, Lucy Hind, John Britton, Suzanne Louise Parry, Victoria Jones, Clea Friend, Andrew Johnston

Enrolment Night, 2007: Bradford and its University, set in a landscape wasted by human and natural devastation, is now concentrated under a sky-blue Bio-dome called Universe City and dedicated to Sir Edward Appleton, discoverer of the Ionosphere. The institution is keen to welcome the right kind of asylum seeker through its doors for a lifetime (and beyond) of unusual commitment to its core mission statement: Be Useful. This particular night, however, there are alarming interventions: strange bursts of static from invisible back-rooms and an unidentified bolt of light hurtling towards the Bio-Dome with something to say.


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July 2006

July/August 2006 - Puppet Lab , with Symon Macintyre, Kim Bergsagel, Henrik Ekeus and Conrad Ivitsky-Molleson

Text for a promenade performance around street-based installations. A project by Puppet Lab, Edinburgh, linking poetry, puppetry, sculpture and radio. Funded by the Scottish Arts Council, and opening at the Leith Festival in 2006, Ghost then toured, with community involvement, to Forres, Buckie and Campbeltown.