Judith Adams


June 2007

Created by the Company, with text by Judith Adams

Director. Alan Lane
Sound: Henrik Ekeus
Venue: Atrium, University of Bradford


Ben Eaton, Jason Hird, Richard Warburton, Henrik Ekeus (sound), Emma Bowskill, Louise Gibson, Hester Read, Ellen Chivers, Sameena Hussain, Ruth Hoffman, Josephine Philbin, Vicky Pratt, Dominic Gately, Lucy Hind, John Britton, Suzanne Louise Parry, Victoria Jones, Clea Friend, Andrew Johnston

Enrolment Night, 2007

Bradford and its University, set in a landscape wasted by human and natural devastation, is now concentrated under a sky-blue Bio-dome called Universe City and dedicated to Sir Edward Appleton, discoverer of the Ionosphere. The institution is keen to welcome the right kind of asylum seeker through its doors for a lifetime (and beyond) of unusual commitment to its core mission statement: Be Useful. This particular night, however, there are alarming interventions: strange bursts of static from invisible back-rooms and an unidentified bolt of light hurtling towards the Bio-Dome with something to say.


“A mix of live performance and multimedia installations, the latest sonic walkabout show from Judith Adams allows audiences a very personal experience as they don headphones and walk around the site of the performance. As Ghost proved, this can be an unsettling experience that curiously both locks you inside your head but also turns the entire landscape around you into one huge stage.”

Lyn Gardner

Pick of the Week in the Guardian Guide, and in the G2: Top 10 Things to See This Weekend.

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