Judith Adams

Shakespeare’s Daughters

December 2007

Epistolatory revelations, with Sue Limb

“This forthright union of Trinny and Susannah and Charlie’s Garden Army with Shakespeare in Love is sure to contain startling new evidence of the surprising importance of Birmingham in the cultural renaissance and plumbing advances of Elizabethan life. “

Edgebaston Racing Monthly

Displacement Into Destiny


It is 1594 give or take, and Judith and Susannah Shakespeare, the ancient and modern faces of a woman’s right to choose anything at all, communicate fitfully between Stratford and the Terra Incognita north of Walsall.

Susannah is considering running a make-over business from home, to support the family’s parlous financial embarrassment since father hit his writer’s block and came home to mope, curse, and star in a documentary as an ageing Goth.

Judith has a Strong Wish for Wings, however, and a passion to elude parental care as well as anything resembling a corset. She garners a certain sort of worldly wisdom romping with exotics in the Little Bromwich area, while her sister works her way through various rural issues and menages, encouraging clients to get a grip.

Frequently oblivious to any of the real issues, both accidentally amass a fine collection of plot lines, and agree to continue the family oeuvre under cover.

Maybe art will pay in the long run, although it’s unlikely.

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